copy writing

Of course, we don’t just make things look great.  Azeus Print offers a range of professional writing, editing and creative services to help you make the most of what you want to say.  Our copywriting experience covers just about everything from creating business and product names, catchy headlines, copy for ads, brochures, newsletters and annual reports.  So to get your message across with clarity, simplicity, professionalism and style .  .  .  and most importantly we’ll make you look good doing it!

This is a great example of the use of power words .  .  .  lets take the word "nice".  Nice doesn’t have any power - it just sits on the page - it doesn’t have any impact.  "We have a nice 2 bedroom self contained unit."  That doesn’t tell the reader much.  How about, " We have a stylish 2 bedroom self contained unit" While "nice" tells nothing, "stylish" describes the unit.

"great copy writing is about choosing the right words to connect to the right audience"


".  .  .  with the right words,
and the right photo your
business can stand out
from your competitors"